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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
Trouble is the magazine torrents are on the p*ratebay site so it's a no go area through my BT connection... :-(
Then use one of the many re-direct sites like

Originally Posted by ThomE View Post
Amiga Shopper

Every issue of Amiga Shopper is available as torrent download link, after a scan and OCR marathon by fabwhack at:

Thanks should go to him for this (and any of you who can afford it - send him a thank you donation, a new scanner will probably have to be bought soon as the one used is probably worn out)
Rather than using a torrent that takes forever to download (15 days for me it says) due to only having 3 seeders at the time of writing, why not send your hard work to

They already have complete collections in PDF etc. for CU Amiga and many other retro mags:

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