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Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
I played a Charlie Chimp game not long ago, but can not find it now. It was like Dizzy and it is not Treasure of Tutankhamun or Great Escape. So must have been Stolen Crown Jewels or City of Atlantis.
Good and bad news... I found the game I was looking for. But it turned out it was not an Charlie Chimp game!

The game was Desperation and already have an entry in HOL. Both are created using the Reality The Ultimate Software Construction Kit and Desperation uses some graphics from the Charlie Chimp games. However, Desperation is almost not playable because of all bugs and glitches (just try jump over the water on first screen). Even Father Tuck that was posted before is a better game than this.

So the search for the missing games continues..
Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
The only thing I remember was that I got stuck in a room with a dude in a big chair.
Found the solution: Use the ring to teleport!

Originally Posted by butfluffy View Post
i know earlier in the thread that hipoonios remembered playing a dizzy style charlie chimp game so hopefully hipoonios memory is spot on and at least one of these games is out there somewhere but it's easy to be mistaken.
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