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And you gave us just a video of his son saying that "he left because Gould was using Commodore's jet". And then you call this a proof.
From what i know there was a power struggle between the board of directors (whose chairman was Irvine Gould) and Tramiel and why? Because Tramiel was selling too cheap just to drive all competition out of the market, not making enough profit, taking advantage of Commodore's MOS department.
Trying to post Tramiel in a negative light? Better listen to this video at 5:00 and 10:10
[ Show youtube player ]
Carl Sassenrath talks how Jack Tramiel was angry like snake when he left Commodore?!? ...and he continue: "I put picture of Jack Tramiel at my office door - to remind me: do not forget, never forget who this is" - WTF he is talking about!!!!???

Carl Sassenrath, work for Amiga and come to Commodore few MONTHS AFTER Jack Tramiel left Commodore. He NEVER had anything with Jack!

So WHY he spread lies and attacks Jack Tramiel when they never had contacts any contacts?!? None of them had any contact with Jack expect R J Mical and he had business with Jack when Epyx sold "his" (and Dave Needle) handle console to Atari Corporation! So I understand that R J Mical (and Dave Needle) are pissed on Jack and that they used every opportunity to spread LIES about Jack (which Amiga community accepted as truth and never questioned! - At beginning of video, at 1:00, R J Mical said: "If you do not have question, we can make stuff up" and he is doing EXACTLY that all the time!)

8:20 Dave Hayne "if Jack had bought Amiga, there is lot of chance that most of Amiga team would left" - before Commodore bought Amiga, in 1983. Dave Morse try to find investor for Amiga so he visited HP, Apple, SGI, Sony.... and Commodore (while Jack still was CEO) and Jack said that he is maybe interested in Amiga technology but not in Amiga Corporation so talks never go any further since Dave Morse searching to sell ENTIRE Amiga Corporation company at time!

and right after Dave Hayne says few positive things about Jack (which you also FAIL to notice!), than R J Mical immediately starts another STORY (that he made up like many others!) just to show how Jack (supposedly) was BAD person (and envied to Amiga - WTF?)!

R J Mical, please STOP making things up!

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