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i don't want to be hard on Gods, it's not a bad game, obviously that's highly subjective, it just feels to me like more the work of highly competent amateurs than seasoned professionals. Which i guess is how the Amiga coding community worked, Nintendo et al were big companies where they could afford to train their staff into the esoteric rules of games design, but here people were working it all out for themselves. But as a result the good Amiga games have a degree of character that the slick console presentations lack; there's something kind of homely about it. And in the Big Business world, innovation eventually becomes too much of a risk and everything ends up led by marketing departments.

there was a lot of real potential there, it's a shame about certain rough edges like not smooth scrolling, lack of music &c, but i guess some people can see through that.

now i think about it, i'd like to make a game like Gods some day, with the benefit of 25 years of hindsight.
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