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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
Ok, how the hell "Titus the Fox" is in top 15 games, and stuff like The Great Giana Sisters, Alfred Chicken, Brian the Lion, McDonald's Land, The Lion King and Wonder Dog are on the list of worst platform games?

What the hell?

But then of course you look at the shoot'em up section, and see Swiv and Xenon 2 above Z-Out, Uridium 2, Silkworm, R-Type ... and Apidya below all of this. And Project-X SE being the top ranked real shoot'em up.. while not surprising, it's depressing as hell.
I think some people just play games that was top rated back then, and they vote for them, You know they might not try other ones. It's like - "I'm old guy, when I was kid I have Amiga, let's download emulator and play old good games, let's see what was the most popular games back than?".
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