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Codetapper: good and full description mate, nice one.

One thing though, to me, what you describe is sprite re-use rather than sprite multiplexing. It sounds very like what gets done to display a sprite starfield in many demos - it's what I did in this prod: where the whole starfield is made of three sprites.

I've always thought of real sprite multiplexing as needing to be a little more clever and complex - like a bit of code that decides which sprites can be used to display which bits of sprite data at any one time such that multiple sprites can be displayed at various horizontal and vertical positions without the "sprite goes invisible" issue you mention in your Saint Dragon description.

Do you know of any games that do something like that?

I've been thinking about this recently - maybe it's time for me to mess around with coding a sprite multiplexer and see if this type of thing is possible.
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