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Not bad for a 20yr old computer

It run up fine, got bored of lemmings after a few minutes though

Looking forward to playing ZOOL, Chase HQ, Road Rash, SwitchBlade II, allong with the other games mentioned earlier.

Originally Posted by Djay View Post
i have a spare Amiga joypad you can have... drop me a PM

also LCD TVs have big issues with the Amiga's scart output... if you uncover a problem you can get a fixed RGB scart cable from

here is a video of the problem i had
[ Show youtube player ]
Yes my tv/computer looks like its suffering with this problem, or is it just the graphics

What is special about the "fixed" scart cable? Is this something I can modify myself or wire differently onto my tv?

Is their anything I can do about this constant nagging im getting because apparently the amiga doesnt fit in with the decor of our living room lol

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