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@Dr. Venom:
Trinitron-HiRes vs. Trinitron-HiRes-SmartRes, what does the "smartres" do different for the hires version?
It's a whole different horizontal/vertical algorithm, "hires" version only works better on interlaced screens and, in theory, on small details with productivity screens.

Trinitron-Hires-SmartRes vs. Trinitron-Smartres, which one would you recommend for games, or are they both equally suitable? I think they all look pretty good, just curious what the benefit "technically" is for the Trinitron-SmartRes version when playing games?
They are both suitable for games, OTOH you can get softer image with Trinitron-Smartres, and a bit of glow is added. Trinitron-Hires-SmartRes works well with games like Apidya, which is partially in hires. I like the benefit of having WB displayed correctly in hires mode also.

Lastly, with Brightboost, what is the "neutral" setting for brightboost? Can it be compared to the brightness setting on a CRT where the "middle" is the default / neutral setting? If so, is the "1.0" setting for brightboost neutral?
It's actually hard to tell the correct brightboost value due the way the scanlines are calculated. 1.0 is the starting point. Crt Hillyan goes as far as 1.5 by default. it's a bit different in gamma space where it's applied and higher values aren't as terrible as they look. Around 1.2 should be normal i think.

Last but not least, new version of the pack is here:
- custom _winuae.fx added with some description,
- crt-shifty(2) added,
- some small tweaks like gammaOUT...
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