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Thanks for your hard work on those shaders

I was considering the idea to port those shaders to OS4 Warp3D Nova as they are GLSL too

So could you explain a few how it works ?
I mean not the math formulas in the GLSL code but how the shaders are called ?
For example there a 9 GLSL shaders in, 4 in /fast and 1 in /lut : are they all called one after one to make several pass effect ? or alternatively to obtain différents effects ?

Also crt-guest-dr-venom-ntsc-composite.glslp reference 2 other shaders
shader0 = ../../../ntsc/shaders/ntsc-pass1-composite-2phase.glsl
shader1 = ../../../ntsc/shaders/ntsc-pass2-2phase-gamma.glsl
Where are they ?

I suppose that if I create a small nova program that draw a quad from a bitmap/texture
, that have your uniforms, in, out variables and all the textures needed it can works, no?

I dont mean creating or porting an emulator but just having a small prog that do the CRT effect to a given bitmap/window
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