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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
first of all, im not kinda nitpicking. the problem are not the developers. the problem are the noob users. the forums are full of them and if you want to attract anyone beyond that, you will face some challenge explaining them the art of version hell of binaries compiled for a paricular cpu, as is it was unfortunatelly the (uncanny) custom with amiga software in the nineties.

im not trying to break off another useless discussion like in riva thread, but id prefer to see people encouraged for a responsible practice with the available functionality. i think this would be trying to restrict that ammx asm to a critical libraries or inlines, where it makes a difference, rather getting it spilled all around newly producd code, leading to unnecessary problem reports. of course it remains up to the users, but the team could lead the way.

thus speaking as apollo supporter, while staying with my genuine machines for the time being.
Wawa, my threat detector might have been off balance recently but I tend to think that I'm capable of learning. Besides, I see a clear pattern in your posts as a voice of reason.

I'm actually experimenting in different directions when it comes to the usage of extended ISA features. Sometimes it is of advantage having a flexible codebase you can deploy everywhere. I did write some improved blitting functions for SDL recently, for which the library decides on the proper code paths for the current architecture. But it is as you said, this approach works well and with low overhead for ASM subroutines.

As soon as decisions get bigger (FPU/NoFPU/000/020 etc), other questions come into play. Amigas are heavily resource constrained in all directions: Storage in terms of capacity and speed, RAM, CPU. In this light, the installation of targeted versions of given software make sense from a technical POV.

Of course, I cannot forsee the future and neither can speak of how other ppl will act. But I for sure have recapped my A4k for a reason.
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