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Originally Posted by Bulkins View Post
Hi Prowler. Thanks for the welcome and info. It appears that there is 2096128 chip memory and 7864320 fast memory. This looks more like 7.5Mb than 8Mb but I'm sure that the accelerator memory will be specified as 8Mb.
Yes, the 2MB Chip RAM is, of course, included on the motherboard and it's most likely that the accelerator carries an 8MB RAM module. Each accelerator is configured differently, and it may be that your model has a reserved area of RAM or memory hole for some reason.

Originally Posted by Bulkins View Post
Still struggling with the screen modes so hopefully someone will be along shortly to assist. I also have a vga adapter so I have tried the VGA input on the LG (model M1962D-PC) but sadly all I get is an 'Out of Range' message.
I am familiar with setting screen modes, though I have no experience of DBLPAL. I vaguely suspect that it has something to do with doubling the horizontal refresh rate.

Is your VGA adapter a passive cable, or 23-pin to 15-pin straight though adapter? If it is, what happens if you select the DBLPAL Hi Res mode and then connect the VGA display? (Warning: turn off the monitors before you swap them over.)
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