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Some games I've found (all copies/cracks unless stated). I've not looked at 'em yet but I can see that these are possibly not in TOSEC.

In alphabetical order.....

Codebreaker (written by me! Probably will never be released for fear of embarassment !). This is definitely non-TOSEC and the only copy in existence is the one I have here....I hope it still works !

Fruit Machine, The (might be PD - not sure until I test)

Global Gladiators (2 disks). This was quite popular, I fear it has an alternate title. Thrown into my "Don't Bother Dumping Bin" as TOSEC call it Mick & Mack - Global Gladiators - thanks Twistin' Ghost

Property Market (Start Computer Systems PD disk)

Sensible Soccer (2 disks, labelled as V1.0. I also wrote on the label No Offside, Passback or Cards). Worth checking anyhow as it is my fave game !

Speedball 2 (disk is marked as A600/A1200 compatible version so may be of interest - possibly already one of the cracks out there though).

Super Huey (was a CU Amiga coverdisk I think, I stuck label over it and cannot see what issue no).

Tetrix (this is just marked as Tetrix so may be different to existing TOSEC ones?)

Turbocup Challenge (games with similar names so may be a dupe). This is a original, label is Smash16 which I think is a budget label.

I'll continue to edit this post and my 1st post as I find new disks.

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