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Day of the Tentacle CD32 [Alpha 0.1]

So I found DOTT AGA the other day and thought I'd give it a try on a CD32. I'm spread very thin between various CD32-related projects so it'd be great if someone else takes over on this.

What's good:
- It works!
- BlazeWCP isn't needed on a CD32, as WriteChunkyPixels is hardware accelerated by Akiko
- Playable with gamepad, using Fakemouse driver and Joy2key2
(Press Reverse to skip cutscene, Play to access menu)

What's not so good:
- It's -slow- not sure if it's possible to squeeze much more speed out of the version of ScummVM it's based on the incredibly limited power of the stock CD32.
- Won't work on an SX32 etc
- Music is very inaccurate due to the automated mod-to-midi conversion. Maybe we could convert the MIDI files to CD Audio and play it back that way (assuming there's less than 80 or so minutes of music, I have no idea)
- Not currently using the full speech of the CD-ROM version
- Novacoder's version might be a better base to use? I haven't been able to find this though
- Saving will likely never be a possibility (due to the 1kb NVRAM available) and there's no pre-saves. We may to create a massive bunch of save games that break the whole game down into bite sized chunks.


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