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Single-frame "recorder" emulation?

I was thinking the other day, and since I have no documentation for common single-frame recorder interfaces (IIRC, most of them were controlled over RS-232), I'm not sure if there were any standards for the data sent over such a connection. If there were, it would kind of be cool to be able to use Amiga software that could control such a recorder, and have it trigger single-frame recording into an AVI file. I've got a copy of DeluxeVideo III here and it has a Device track available in Expert mode, which allows the user to utilize ARexx scripts to control hardware, and thus can be used to control a single-frame recorder. I think it'd be kind of cool to use classic Amiga content creation software as part of a modern video-editing workflow (generate an animation with the Amiga software, single-frame record it to an AVI, then import into an NLE).

Thoughts? Is this worth looking into (I'm willing to do the research into single-frame recorders to provide you with all the information that I can dig up), or is it something that would never be implemented unless you were bribed? =P
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