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My memory is bad. I do have an extras disk, see screen dump of WB2.0 which looks the same as 2.5 extras disk. I got confused with the storage disk witch is part of the WB3 set for some reason. Looking at my disks labels I have the Workbench 2.05, fonts 2.05, Extras 2.05 and a disk copy of the missing install disk, which is version 2.1 and this disk should be 2.05. (That’s why I had a few problems reinstalling my A600HD and it seemed to install a lot easier/different though the emulated Winuae HD as I dloaded the adf from the Internet instead of adfing my own disks)

So I now know from Akira that there are 3 versions of Workbench 2 which also confused me.

I hope the above makes sence as I have lost myself again. I better not type anymore.

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