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Originally posted by Paul
I did not know Workbench 2 had an extras disk.

Mine, which came with my Commodore Amiga 600 HD, are 2.05 so that could be why my set does not have the extras disk.

Although, I had one of the batch of A600s which had the Install disk missing and I had to make a pirate copy to reinstall. This could be another reason why my set does not include an extras disk.

Anyway as I said in the other thread I used messydos, but using a NULL-MODEM cable is recommended but I have not tested one yet. Akira will be able to tell you more.
Reaaaally strange. I've got Wiorkbench 2.05 and it came with all the disks. Though, afaik, normal A600 machines did not came with 2.05, only 600Hds . I could be well wrong though.

2.0 and 2.05 do not has the PC0 stuff beacuse it doesnt include CrossDOS. this util appeared only in 3.0 and 2.1

Anyway, read the announcement for more. If you cannot find the mountfile I'll type it up here in some minutes.
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