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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
First, is it 3.4 related or not? If not, this is wrong thread as usual and posts will be moved. Second, anything non-major will be ignored, it is too late.

And finally, "booting from wb" does not really mean anything. lots of things can change, lots of variables, setpatch or not can make big difference etc and can be perfectly normal. (and without logs from both sessions = it means even less).
I think now we are in front of two different possible bugs:
1. A slowdown and instability, getting worse starting from version 3.3.0 (SaphirJD's problem)
2. No-sound problem in some situations, starting from version 3.4 beta 5 (amilo3438's problem)
I think it is worth waiting for a while before releasing the final version, Toni.
Finally, it is up to you.
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