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Another (old) newbie !

Greetings from sunny Dorsetshire !

Recently returned to the fold , currently beating an A1200 back into life .

Turned to the dark side in about 95 , now look after about 50 PCs and about 30 Macs .

Amazed how much stuff is still available for the Amiga and how useful the info on the web is .

I'm very rusty , but have managed to get an HD formatted and installed on the A1200 , the floppy was knackered but another Tech at work saw me playing with the A1200 and said he had an old Amiga I could have .
Turned out it was an A500 , played a couple of games on it , then it green screened , so nicked the floppy to put in the A1200 ( now the lid doesn't fit !)

Still got an A1200 I towered years ago ( wasn't pretty ) , not found the video cable yet , so don't know if it'll fire back up after 10 or more years .
Still got an A500 somewhere with A590 , again doubt it'll still work .

Anyhoo , hello !

I'm quite enjoying this lark !
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