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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Indeed, from a component point of view that's true, but I meant integration of code as in merging parts of code with the AROS counterparts. The API may be the same but the code behind them is almost certain to be totally different, making any freely available 3.1 source little more than a reference of how things were achieved 25 years ago.
the code behind components may be differentbut what else does that mean except it is original? it may be better or worde, for sure its more portable, a good base to be future proof, if that is a requirement. nevertheless aros is built after amiga spezifications also what concerns separate modules interfaces and their interaction, or at least attempts that, even if it might not be perfect in places. you can replace separate components in aros with their amiga counterparts and they will work. for instance third party mui classes work within zune 68k, peter k icon library, or other genuine libs can be used with aros. amiga device drivers are interchangeable.

certainly open sourcing amiga wouldnt make that much difference for aros anymore, its too advanced by now. but there might be some crucial refferences people would still be thankful about. i know at least staf said something like that. it wont happen though, so no matter.

Yeah, quite possibly. I would be of the same mind, but I suspect that if the hypothetical open source 3.1 were to be developed, it would take developers away from other projects, quite possibly AROS-68k.
look. i wouldnt mind if that happened. but it wont. and amiga legacy wont be legally secure to thinker with ever again, after what happened to it. even and hyperion rights in that area may be questionable. id walk around it at a secure distance at all times.
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