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From what i remember from a mail i sent him, the amiga full version is stored on a microdrive DAT tape..... :
look at this (reply from him in 2008) :

Hi Dennis,

LOL this game is really old now....I would need to go in my attic to find the tape, but I am pretty sure I have it somewhere.

Getting to Assemble would be a joy I guess.

Best regards.



"Hi Dennis,

Thankyou for your email and the offer of some genuine french cuisine.

I will try and find some time to retrieve the DAT tape ASAP.

No I don't work for Rockstar North anymore I now run My Own Games Development Studio. Although we do occasionally do work for Rockstar.

I will keep you informed of any further developments.

Best regards



"Hi Dennis,

Yes I would be happy to send you the "Dat Tape".

However I am very busy at the moment with other projects and milestones. I ask for your patience while I find the time to actually look for the Dat Tape.

Best Regards


I have tried to sent him a mail, i'll see if he answers me.

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