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I love Emulation / Retro right now! i have just setup my A1200 with 64mb ram / 4.5gb hd phase 5 030 blizzard card and i even bought a carton of nice new disks to put some stuff like workbench (yes i archived my stuff before i got rid etc on! I know AlexH personally although i ain't seen him in a lot of years I also know Dazzaboy not met him yet in real life but myself and a couple of m8's from Morecambe are gonna do a trip to Barrow soon, I Also know MajicMushroom in real life too again he's moved down yonder (down s'outh!) Funny thing is i never met / or swapped with half these guys when i was in the scene and i met them all on Pc via Icq/msn/web pages like this etc!

Also a few of my contacts who i used to swap with frequent here i know Codetapper from doing graphics for him / his site (Action) but i am never gonna meet him in NewZealand am i (from Uk / Blighty).

I have C64 (need to get a disk drive but ain't paying Ebay prices, I also have an A1200 (*2) looking for a Spectrum (even bought my fave tape deck off ebay for a quid plus post which happend to be 6 quid ) I'd like An Atari ST again just for Defender of the crown (best version in my opinion) and i also have a full set of Mame although i've lost intrest in it in recent times!

Think that proves i love the emu/retro scene and i still have a few Amiga buddies even if only in spirit

Oh and Finally i F'ing Love Ironclaws - kungfu master remake and his moonstone site that was an Awesome game i was speechless with at the time it was the best game i'd played including in the Arcades!
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