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Re: The last time..

Originally posted by killergorilla
When was the last time a game actually used music 'created' by the system it was run on? I remember the days when it was all down to the system what music it could create. Now days it's down to what the system can play back...
Define "created". Do you mean using soundtracker-style sample playback or what? The Japanese still use MIDI + samples a lot. Some PC games (No-One Lives Forever, as an example) use DirectMusic for interactive music, but not many.

Only the Xbox has got filters and DSP effects (excluding reverb) in hardware.

Everything can be mixed/created in software on all current platforms, but there is a processor hit. Not much of one for just playing back samples, but more than zero and besides us at Sensaura, nobody has written any software playback routines anyway.

Generated music = limited. Sampled music = anything.
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