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Hi, I made that buggy unfinished game. Have progressed some more since that demo and readded some features I had broken near the end of the contest deadline and had to remove. The bouncy bullet for example was ridiculously buggy at the time so I took out all bouncy power up items for the demo.

And yeah the youtube video is of an older version and had jerky scrolling because of the camera software used. The current demo uses the music from Glider Rider and Switchblade because I was messed around a bit by the musician I had and I found another but not quite in time for the demo so had to make do with a couple of my favorite old tunes that I felt fit.

Reason it's based on CPC graphics is that the Amstrad CPC 464 was my first computer and I still enjoy games on it to this day either on my real still fully working CPC or portably on the CPC emulator I have on my PSP. I wanted to design some graphics that while sticking to the wide pixel and 16 colors on screen Mode 0 resolution still hopefully looked attractive to some gamers of today. I just wish I had been an adult pixelling in the 8 and 16 bit era of gaming. I've done some phone work but it's just not the same.

I am actually a big fan of the Amiga too though my A1200 has been broken for a long time now though I get less nostalgic joy out of doing Amiga style graphics as I feel I may as well just be making a modern 2D game when doing Amiga sprites. It was Deluxe Paint on the Amiga that really got me into doing pixel art graphics though and the reason I use Pro Motion on my PC (I actually dislike PC's but seems I gotta use them for what I need) is cos it's based on Deluxe Paint so I find it very comfortable to use. Out of my current projects (I say current but it's a bit on hold) the most Amiga like game I've started on is Booze N' Balls which is very much based on the Amiga game Qwak which to me still is the best single screen arcadey platformer game of the Bubble Bobble type. Here's a couple of very old screenshots to get an idea of it. Maybe it's more your type of thing graphically.

I think I put it on hold because I couldn't quite get the 'physics' for kicking the footballs quite right. I'm not a football fan myself (or a drinker, or a smoker, so why the heck I've started on a game involving these things I don't know) so it's a bit tricky for me to get the blend right between what feels right for a football and what's just fun for an arcade game. The pub-goer theme is mainly just cos I was sick of cutesy japanese style stuff in platformers and wanted to see something a bit more... british i guess.
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