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In other news.....

For those using the Matrox G550 PCIe card we may have some good news. We've patched Amithlon to remove the 4MB video ram limit on Matrox cards. We've had 1600x1200 @ 32bit color working on a test machine with the Matrox G550 PCIe and availp96 reporting the card as 16MB.
More testing needs to be done, and be aware that the 4 MB limit was put in place because back then Matrox cards had issues with the framebuffer in linux crossing over the 4 MB boundary. This was Amithlon following with what linux was doing and forcing a limit of available ram. There may be some graphical issues/errors that happen with the limit removed.
Once more testing is completed we will hopefully be able to release a patch utility to use. More details as they develop.
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