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Going nowhere

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Angry Hey Idiot!

Instead of repeating the same thing you've said before, why not actually LISTEN to what people are asking you?

The Amiga A5oo is still a complex machine to emulate, and no matter how good WinUAE is, if your PC isn't up to it, then thats pretty much it! As more successive versions of WinUAE get released and more features of the Amiga are supported, so it goes than in most cases, WinUAE will be slightly slower.

You seem hellbent on simply annoying people with your simpering, almost childish retorts such as (and I quote):

ok, let's try again:-

"My request is simple,

If I met you and you spoke to me like that, I'd knock you off your feet, plain and simple!

You want help? Try asking people and giving them the information they require to HELP YOU! They don`t charge a fee and most of the guys are pretty bloody helpful.

You, my 'friend' are not helpful.

Cut out the bullshit, answer their questions (i.e. tell them your PC setup) and who, knows, perhaps you might become a welcome addition to EAB.

So, MY REQUEST IS SIMPLE....At the moment, you're being a pain in the arse.... Do something about it!

Understand now fil?
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