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Originally Posted by wmsteele View Post
Wow, amazing stuff... support for the FMV card would be truly amazing, the poor thing never got much love.
Understanding considering what was it only 1000 were made before Commodore went tits up, their last bit of hardware out the door.

I think 3 games were rumoured to use it, though a couple are debatable.

Cannon Fodder Intro - never worked on my FMV, went straight to the A500 intro, was pretty miffed at the time!

The Final Gate - heard it was supposed to play with FMV footage instead of CDXL if you had a FMV cart, though i can't find a ISO with any evidence of FMV files.

Video Creator - I had this and a FMV cart at the time though i cant remember if it worked for me or not, placed FMV footage behind the overlays.
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