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You can test if this matters by reverting these changes via config
It seems to not make any effect, the speed hit is still here. The big difference, for what I can see on my machine, is not much related to pure computational power, the most demanding demos are running more or less the same as before: where the speed loss is noticeable is in the Workbench environment while browsing the virtual HDD drawers, the icons appears slowly if compared to previous release. My virtual HD is a dedicated drawer in the /Documents/FS-UAE/Hard Drives/ where all files can be seen and manipulated from Mac side too. Just for completeness this is my A4000 / Workbench 3.1 configuration:

amiga_model = A4000/040
fast_memory = 8192
accuracy = -1
uae_immediate_blits = true
uae_waiting_blits = false
floppy_drive_volume = 0
video_format = bgra
video_sync = off
fullscreen = 1
viewport = * * * * => 0 0 752 574
hard_drive_0 = A4000_HD/
No hacks are loaded on the Amiga side, it is just a flat, fresh install from Workbench 3.1 disk set.
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