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Originally Posted by tlosm View Post
Snake i think will be you next machine :P :P :P
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I had two different G5 machines, one dual 2 GHz CPU "early 2005" and later one 2.3 GHz "late 2005" that died some years ago.
They were nice number-cruncher and great looking computers but when I decided to reduce my collection I preferred the versatilty over other aspect so I choosed the MDD (first version, not 2003, because it is less picky about RAM modules) and the MacPro 2009 (not the previous versions because of the slow and obsolete architecture). The purpose was to cover all main MacOSes from 9.2.2 to 10.5.8 for PPC and everything from 10.6.8 to actual 10.9.5 for Intel.
They are side-by-side on my desktop, sharing the same keyboard, CRT display and mouse (I was lucky enough to found the right Aluminium keybord that is recognized by both machines including the special keys) and they help each other in many tasks that alone could not complete, a real dream team :-)
I am not nostalgic about the G5, the MacPro has almost the same look and it is much less energy hungry but the PowerPC is (and will be forever) in my hearth, the only serious weak point about G5 is that it does not natively support OS9 (Classic mode is not low-level enough to handle all OS9 applications), for this reason I have choosen the MDD tuning it almost to the max to reduce the performance gap with the G5 machines.
However your benchmarks on the Quad are impressive, on that machine FS-UAE can really fly! :-)

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