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Originally Posted by SnakeCoils View Post
Just checked, the autoconf installed by MacPorts is version 2.69, my qemu binaries were installed through MacPorts too and the package is version 2.1.0 but I can only see x86 guest emulations (i386 and x86_64) no ppc engine.
Do you regularly refresh your MacPorts environment through the usual "selfupdate" and "upgrade outdated" options?
i Did it every day ..
about Qemu you have to add "sudo port install qemu +target_ppc +target_arm +target_ppc64 and so and so and so :P

... i don't know why i try to start compile ask me autoconf 2.67 i have it already installed too but if i write "autoconf --version" the result is 2.61
... bho?

I forget : Roberto Innocenti (another amigos) made the G4 mini run qemu in KvM under linux ... you can understand what can be if one day Fs-uae PPC will be ported to linux Ppc ?:P:P
you true
but now it asking for the DTC (libfdt) and i don't know where hell is that
because the submodule command don't work git 2.1.2

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