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my suspect was true ...
i had been try to configure the qemu-uae from frode and i had the same errors that come from Qemu sources

wer-mac-g5-di-luigi-burdo:qemu-uae-master luigiburdo$ ./configure
second level name optional in hw.optional.x86_64 is invalid
On qemu the way for start the configure of it is put on configure --cpu=PPC

i try and :
power-mac-g5-di-luigi-burdo:qemu-uae-master luigiburdo$ ./configure --cpu=PPC

ERROR: Unsupported CPU = PPC, try --enable-tcg-interpreter
Probably merge the qemu 2.1 will fix it ... who know ? ... lets try

how you fixed the autoconf 2.67 ? do you had been installed it thru mac ports or with tiger homebrews ? i had been try to uprgrade it but on my side i have 2.61 and look it is the Xcode last version

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