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I also think that a well working qemu ppc engine integration (for PPC hosts) in FS-UAE will be successful done in the future but I also believe things must be build step by step consolidating the foundations as first. In the Amiga history the PPC accelerators are arrived as latest, so also in the emulation on Win/FS-UAE. The first Amiga CPU was a simple 68000, then 68020/030 and FPUs and the latest were 68060 and PPC603/604 and you can see that this has been also the evolution for this emulator.
At present I am not too much worried about being unable to compile FS-UAE with PPC engine active, the really important thing, a little miracle, is that I can compile and use it (with some easy tweaks) on my G4 :-)
I personally prefer Frode would focus his attention on the 68k/FPU thing first and then, later, when the big-endian issues will be resolved, to look also at PPC engine integration. I prefer to have a 68k-only emulator I can compile instead of something that is "almost there" but that does nothing useful because the binary can't be build.
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