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Originally Posted by SnakeCoils View Post
My purpose in this forum is to keep alive the attention about the status of OSX PPC porting of this wonderful emulator, apart that I have no coding skill to understand what happens in the source, I can't be helpful here...
Tell you what, if you can deal with testing (perhaps even - if necessary - compile / find small floating foint test programs for AmigaOS) then I can at least fix the obvious endian issues (perhaps that is even sufficient). I hope you can compile from git... (, requires git, autoconf, automake).

Originally Posted by tlosm View Post
i think only tobias can help about merge the qemu ppc core
Uhm, I'm not aware of any merging being necessary. The qemu-uae plugin / PPC support might work out of the box (needs to be compiled of course). As far as I know, no-one has tested whether it works or not. Of course, it will probably be unbearably slow, that's another matter
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