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Use PVS of picasso to forge the MMU on .
About the screen shoot now it is exactly mine only cpu and fpu clock was reported as 205mhz, but we know are not real , no crash in any case from my side :P
about the fpu for check the performance use quake68k it is working on euae because almos fixit on fsuae it is crashing.

about macos ppc developer i think only tobias can help about merge the qemu ppc core and almos jit core in fsuae or you have to contact the guy who mede the diff patch for qemu 2.1 on mac ports.
probably in that patch you will find the solution for have qemu core running on fsuae ppc.

i can help asking in the macpowerpc community for help... will ask the sheepshaver 2014 too

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