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@SnakeCoils it is not as much heresy as it is just a bad idea! Disregarding the license issue, this would just introduce dozen new big problems while trying to fix what is really just a tiny issue. -As in relatively easy to fix. The problem is simply that I do not do PPC (as in I don't develop/test for it). I normally write code that works on both big- and little-endian architectures, but I still just test on x86/x86-64.

So as I said, it's not really difficult to fix at all, but someone knowledgeable has to spend some time with it (and test it) on PPC. -And I simply have a long todo list already.

(Note: even if no-one steps up to take a look at it, that does not mean I will not review the FPU code at some point in the future. Also, if/when I add support for the softfloat library, the FPU emulation might start work fine again - in softfloat mode - albeit with a speed penalty).

Originally Posted by themamboman View Post
Just to be clear, this emulation is for PPC Mac's and it includes recent QEMU PowerPC emulation (not native host PPC instruction handling)?
This is about running FS-UAE on PPC Mac's. There's no native PPC instruction handling.
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