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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
(On a side note, this is *probably not* something I'll fix myself, since I don't test/develop for PPC at all. Accepting good patches is of course fine).
Maybe I am writing an heresy here but... could the various 680x0 engines used in MAME, maybe the most tested, debugged and stable in the world, be integrated in FS-UAE? They are from long time big-endian compliant and I know the MAME devs are doing their best to not break anything to preserve the PPC compatibility in the various release.
I think Mr. Wilen is more inclined to keep its engines since he had done an hard work to iron out every possible bug, implementing every unofficial opcode to have a perfect compatibility with all the nasty coded Amiga programs so it is possible that this migration will never officially occour on the WinUAE side...
At this point only the brave OSX PPC developers still around can help here, with a bit of luck the modifications to the FPU code would not be so deep but only a coder can tell it for sure.
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