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Originally Posted by tlosm View Post
Snake i had been tested here everything is all right
note my configuration is Amiga4000/040 rtg
cpu option is set and no problems.
Note i have Amiga OS 3.9

In the 99% of the test aibb report the cpu is more faster than a 040@25mhz
I have just made a fresh install of OS 3.9 including Boing Bag 1 & 2 on a FS-UAE configured as a standard A4000/040 and then installed the very latest unofficial Picasso96 version 2.1d. The Workbench screen has then been configured in uagfx:800x600 with 8 bit colour depth.
Things seems to be a bit better than before, the screen goes back to normal after the floating point test finished but the results are meaningless with values out of this world: it is like the FPU is ignored at all jumping straight to the end of test.
I need to try other programs that does an heavy use of floating point calculations, I remember VistaPro had also an FP version, I will dig in my disk stuff to see if I found it.

My PPC Machine: PowerMac G4 MDD 2x1.5Ghz / 2 Gb CL2 RAM / ATI Radeon X800XT / OSX 10.5.8 / MacPorts 2.3.1 installed

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