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Lately had enough spare time to do some tests with FS-UAE and I found that my previous SDL2 framework build was broken, there's nothing wrong with SDL 2.0.1 version, it works OK but it must be a Universal binary version, the PPC-only build has troubles and therefore will not be more used for FS-UAE compile from now on.
Additionally I have finally doing an installation of Workbench 3.1 from scratch both on FS-UAE and E-UAE JIT and I have done some comparisons between them launching benchmark and demos and things and evaluating.
The first important thing I have discovered is that FPU emulation on FS-UAE is broken in PPC build while it is OK on Intel build: when running AIBB version 6.5 if any FPU test is launched the emulated Amiga don't crash but the screen show garbage and the emulator becomes unstable.
This happens either with CP or 040 option active while if integer math routines are used all is working as expected: this issue is present configuring the virtual Amiga with FPU, no matter if the choosen co-processor is 68882 or 68040.
Under E-UAE JIT all the FPU tests were working well and quite fast: the red hystogram bar was always on the emulated Amiga, very very nice :-)

@tlosm: Could you please look if AIBB's FPU tests fails also on G5 machines?
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