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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
A new beta version has been released. Changes in FS-UAE 2.3.99beta3 (“FS-UAE 2.4 Beta 3″):

FS-UAE can use 256 kB chip RAM (and also 128 if you *really* want to).
Updated translations: es [albconde], da [tomse], nb.
(Launcher) Fixed multiple file selection when using PyQt.
(Launcher) Added 256 kB chip RAM to the chip memory selector.
(Launcher) Updated translations: de [jbl007], es [albconde], it [Speedvicio], da [tomse], nb.
(Launcher) Fixed bug where the launcher tries to sync with online DB after logging out from
(Arcade) Fixed missing ext rom problem when starting CD32 games.
(Arcade) Fixed repeat problem when navigating with joystick hats.

Please see the preliminary release notes for FS-UAE 2.4 for information about what’s new if you are upgrading from FS-UAE 2.2.x.

Prooobably the last beta version before FS-UAE 2.4.0 final
Thank you Master Frodo! Pleased to see you're still hard at work
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