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Originally Posted by amiga_Forever View Post
I also quickly found out the Games DB is really oly for downloaded games... How do you import Your games ? I have 900+ spanning multiple disks in some cases, and would be convenient just to "pick & choose" rather insert disks. Any quick way btw for media swap from full screen ?

One finial thing, It would be good to not only scan config and kick-start but also scan adf directories to, and automatically import games/folder. just a thought.
If you register to online game database and log in in FS-UAE Launcher, you can scan your adf/whdload files you have and they should automatically appear to FS-UAE Launcher - so long the game is in OAGD database, and you have correct disks/files (it checks SHA sums).

If there is games missing, you should request them to be added to database.
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