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kewl FS-uAE works great even full screen, providing you have Show Dashboard/Show Desktop Control disabled via Keyboard (F11) &/or (F12) respectively, its a ok.

However is it possible to change it from F11 ? and use CTRL or SHIft key instead.

Why use function keys as the "control" ? Seems kind of strange.

Also, in FS-USE preferences, how do you disable floppy drive noise? I tried disabling "Default" check-box under Audio, but it just becomes ticked the moment FS-UAE is started.

I always liked he floppy drive noises on my original Amiga, but for some reason, coming from vital, its just sounds annoying... I dunno why, probably cos there are "physically: in two locations.

I also quickly found out the Games DB is really oly for downloaded games... How do you import Your games ? I have 900+ spanning multiple disks in some cases, and would be convenient just to "pick & choose" rather insert disks. Any quick way btw for media swap from full screen ?

Thanks in advance......

One finial thing, It would be good to not only scan config and kick-start but also scan adf directories to, and automatically import games/folder. just a thought.

FYI. this may be the wrong forum, and section, but whats a good C64 emulator for Mac ? Sorry, I'm just hooked now Whatever would i have done without EAB.....
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