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Hi Frode, thanks for FS-UAE. I have recently discovered it, and like its slick interface, for use in home media PCs, and its other points of difference from WinUAE, such as its curvature shader.

I thought I would take the opportunity to provide some suggestions, to see if these could be implemented or not.

1. Save-states - during the game, could you assign a hot-key (such as numeral 1) to open up save state 1, instead of having to press F12 to open the menu and then navigate to the save state?

2. When you open a save state, or boot from one, the screen remains blank for at least 10 seconds but you can hear the music of the game playing. In other words the game is running but you can't see it during this time (say about 5 seconds). Can you implement faster booting save states?

3. I like the curvature shader, but think it needs to be combined with some slight blur to fully emulate a CRT. I combine it with scanlines, but I also think it needs some slight blur. Obviously there are plenty of shaders out there but it would be of assistance if in the instructions an example could be provided of the command to type to load a shader.

4. I saw reference in August 2013 posts in EAB to a 'Game Center'. I also note that FS-UAE Launcher is also called or had its name changed to FS-UAE Arcade. I am confused as to whether Game Center still exists or whether it is one of these variants such as FS-UAE arcade.

5. I am not sure if you can navigate to a completely different floppy and reset FS-UAE to boot from that floppy. Ie swap from one game to another.

6. It would be could if you could click on a .USS file and have that file load up the save state, such as in WinUAE.

7. When FS-UAE loads up or when you boot from a save-state, it would look smooth if there was a fade-in effect. I see that you have implemented a fade-out effect when you quit the emulator.

Thanks again for making FS-UAE. I am really enjoying it and its now my Amiga emulator of choice.


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