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Dunno if its just my machine, but when running the 2.2.3, I find that it won't remember my last window positioning when I restart the Launcher. It seems to always open off-centre and I have to reposition the Launcher window again in the middle of my screen. Running Mac OS 10.8.5.

On my Mac, it looks like the application is not writing the required files back to ~/library/Saved Application State/org.pythonmac.unspecified.FS-UAELauncher.savedState/

I can see that it writes the required savestate files to the location but when I quit the application, those files delete themselves, leaving the empy org.pythonmac.unspecified.FS-UAELauncher.savedState folder

I have tried the following in Terminal defaults write org.pythonmac.unspecified.FS-UAELauncher NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool true but it still does not save the state. Furthermore, FS-UAELauncher no longer creates a plist file for me in ~/Library/Preferences/
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