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Ok, further report:
Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
The keyboard code uses a mix of "scancodes" and translated key codes to map keys based on physical position instead of virtual key. This is important in order to correctly emulate the Amiga keyboard. I have only written/tested code for the officially supported platforms Linux, Windows and OS X, and so the problem could lie there. Difficult for me to say with any certainty. You could try to uncomment the following lines in libfsemu/src/ml/x11.c:
g_key_map[37] = FS_ML_KEY_LCTRL;
g_key_map[66] = FS_ML_KEY_CAPSLOCK;
I tried this and it works much better! (At least I presume you meant to comment those lines, since they weren't already).
One thing is probably an effect of how SDL works on X: if you activate the Caps-Lock inside the SDL window, it isn't activated outside it -- and vice versa. I suspect that SDL intercepts keyboard events at such a low level that the general X context never gets to see that Caps-Lock was activated. It makes the Caps Lock LED behave a bit weird, but so be it. Nothing much you could do about, I'm sure.

Regarding the swapped mouse buttons: There is an X function you can call to detect if someone has done that: XGetPointerMapping(). You could use it as a default value for a "Swap mouse buttons?" option.

ETA: More success: With a bit of looking through the DebugConfig.uae and then some UTSL-ing, I found a way to get my QDH0: devices the way I want them:

uae_filesystem2 = rw,QDH0:Eclectic:/vol1/rhialto/uae/PAm/Eclectic,0
uae_filesystem2 = rw,QDH1:Empty1:/vol1/rhialto/uae/PAm/Empty1,0
uae_filesystem2 = rw,QDH2:Empty2:/vol1/rhialto/uae/PAm/Empty2,0
uae_filesystem2 = rw,QDH3:Empty3:/vol1/rhialto/uae/PAm/Empty3,0

where the fields are like this:

uae_filesystem2 = rw_or_ro,device:volumename:directory,bootpri

And regarding my overscan issue, it turns out that if I use the SYS:Prefs/Overscan preference (I used the one from 3.0 since that came with my A4000), I can move the position of the screen and if I move it just the right amount to the left, it seems to be fully visible.

ETA 3 (the &*^&^&* website ate my previous edit):

It seems that the launcher doesn't like repeated options and keeps only the last one. There seems some possibility to use options of the form "uae_uaehf0_read-only = 1" where the number can vary from 0 to 29 and read-only can be things like volumename, devicename, etc (see cfgfile_parse_filesys()) but so far that hasn't worked for me yet.

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