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Originally Posted by Rhialto View Post
I use a screen mode "DBLPAL HighRes No Flicker" which is normally 640 x 512 but I overscanned it a bit to 672 x 532. It is specially designed for the "bi-sync" 1940 monitor. However, the horizontal overscan is not shown in fs-uae. That's a bit of a bother because that just hides the front/back gadget, the right-hand scroll bar, and the resize corner of most windows.
Perhaps it is just hidden by the autoscale feature, have you tried cycling zoom modes with F11, for example "full overscan"?

Originally Posted by Rhialto View Post
I use my mouse left-handed, with the mouse buttons swapped (xmodmap -e "pointer = 3 2 1 4 5"). However fs-uae ignores that, and forces me to move my mouse to my other hand.
I just use information I get from SDL here, and I'm not sure if xmodmap is supposed to affect SDL or not. In any case, I can easily implement a separate option "invert left/right mouse buttons"...

Originally Posted by Rhialto View Post
Similarly, I have my left control and caps lock keys switched. I do that with the xkb option "ctrl:swapcaps". This really confuses fs-uae. Neither key now does what it is supposed to do. Instead it seems to be a mix of the swapped and unswapped behaviour. The original caps-lock key seems to be a sort of control-lock now. This makes using the keyboard rather difficult...
The keyboard code uses a mix of "scancodes" and translated key codes to map keys based on physical position instead of virtual key. This is important in order to correctly emulate the Amiga keyboard. I have only written/tested code for the officially supported platforms Linux, Windows and OS X, and so the problem could lie there. Difficult for me to say with any certainty. You could try to uncomment the following lines in libfsemu/src/ml/x11.c:
g_key_map[37] = FS_ML_KEY_LCTRL;
g_key_map[66] = FS_ML_KEY_CAPSLOCK;

Originally Posted by Rhialto View Post
I have more than 4 harddisk partitions. And they are not called DH0: ... DH3. I can't find an option to choose the device names. My startup-sequence however refers to some of these disks, so it fails to work properly. And of course some of the disks are missing because you can select only 4 of them.
The launcher does not yet have UI for it, but you can specify volume labels with hard_drive_0_label (etc) if you manually edit the config file. Likewise, you can also add up to 10 drives in the config file.

Originally Posted by Rhialto View Post
And as a last item, the launcher throws lots of exceptions "NotImplementedError: wx.GraphicsContext is not available on this platform." and its window is missing the buttons to swap between the panes. If you know where to click, it switches panes, but I only know that because I happened to see the linux version first...
The problem is that your wxWidgets is compiled without support for wxGraphicsContext which FS-UAE Launcher requires for some drawing operations. Enabling it in wxWidgets should make the problem go away. Alternatively, you can try the latest development version instead -- it now uses QT instead of wxWidgets.

Anyway, glad you like it despite having some issues
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