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fs-uae 2.2.3

Hi all! I'm new here in this forum but I've been an Amigoid since around 1986 or so.

I am very happy that the development of UAE for Unix has been continued... uae and e-uae stopped working a long time ago.

I just packaged fs-uae for pkgsrc (see and I tried it out on the saved copy of my Amiga 4000/040 environment.

I noticed a few oddities:
  1. I use a screen mode "DBLPAL HighRes No Flicker" which is normally 640 x 512 but I overscanned it a bit to 672 x 532. It is specially designed for the "bi-sync" 1940 monitor. However, the horizontal overscan is not shown in fs-uae. That's a bit of a bother because that just hides the front/back gadget, the right-hand scroll bar, and the resize corner of most windows.
  2. I use my mouse left-handed, with the mouse buttons swapped (xmodmap -e "pointer = 3 2 1 4 5"). However fs-uae ignores that, and forces me to move my mouse to my other hand.
  3. Similarly, I have my left control and caps lock keys switched. I do that with the xkb option "ctrl:swapcaps". This really confuses fs-uae. Neither key now does what it is supposed to do. Instead it seems to be a mix of the swapped and unswapped behaviour. The original caps-lock key seems to be a sort of control-lock now. This makes using the keyboard rather difficult...
  4. I have more than 4 harddisk partitions. And they are not called DH0: ... DH3. I can't find an option to choose the device names. My startup-sequence however refers to some of these disks, so it fails to work properly. And of course some of the disks are missing because you can select only 4 of them.
  5. And as a last item, the launcher throws lots of exceptions "NotImplementedError: wx.GraphicsContext is not available on this platform." and its window is missing the buttons to swap between the panes. If you know where to click, it switches panes, but I only know that because I happened to see the linux version first...

That's it for now! It may seem a lot of complaints but in the grand scheme of things, the things that are working are amazing and these are mere details.
Thanks for doing it!
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