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Originally Posted by Waxhead View Post
@Toni Wilen: Ok understand, but I got a friend that has many Amiga's. I'll ask him if we can try this out on MANY machines. A500, A1200 etc... it will probably take some time but if we get this done it will be interesting to see the results!
Probably every accelerator board can have slightly different behavior

I have lots of A1200 boards (and other models and everything) but testing is so boring..

Actually _every_ undefined address space should be checked. Which makes it even more boring..

EDIT: This needs two tests: one that reads register multiple times in a loop and another that reads it one by one not in loop. Because what usually happens is that data buffer(s)/latches keep the old value and when reading memory address that does not drive the bus, it reads the buffered value. Or all zero or all one if there are pullup or pulldown resistors. Two tests are needed because we want to see if data is always the same when CPU does not do any other accesses (=whole loop in caches) and if CPU prefetches affect the result.

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