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I checked the Newpixie-crt shader and it contains some effects, which are Retroarch specific, namely the crt-display frame custom texture (which isn't that disturbing) and frame feedback, which is quite worse, as it represent an integral part of the shader and cannot be reproduced by any means.

Following the fact, that the shader uses specific npot 0-1 coordinate range effects (FS-UAE glsl uses pot - PowerOfTwoo buffer sizes), it's a total pita to even start what's remaining.

The good news is the slower 'brother' crt-mattias can be considered as the hq version of both of the two.

Also good news is i upgraded the quality of some scalefx upscaling shaders quite a lot, now it's possible to have very sharp upscaling to 4k and beyond.

The Hybrid version is also very nice, suitable for games with more complicated graphics.

The bot shaders have some tweaking possibilities:

#define SFXSHARP  0.70    // sharpness, from 0.0 to 1.0
#define SFXCRISP  2.00    // crispness, from 1.0 to 7.0
in the last pass of the shader composition.

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