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Made a new shader for FS-uae.

First post here, so Hello everyone!.

In latest days i've been playing with glsl and shaders.
I never used them before, nor i wrote any shader before, so probably i did some mistakes/unoptimized code, did something already existed, whatever, i don't know.

Anyway, by inspecting other's people code, i came up with a shader that looks good to me; also is very configurable,and i think it is a nice toy to play with.

It has support for several features:
* non linear scanlines on original coordinates
* non linear screenlines on screen coordinates
* custom rgb masks with(out) offset
* glowing,haloing,blooming
* gamma correction
* saturation correction
* alternate blanking (like uae's feature)
* play nicely with FS-UAE's autoscale function

Also, it is important to know that it is meant to be used with:
* line doubling enabled: line_doubling = 1
* low resolution disabled: low_resolution = 0

I've set the default values to match my real arcade crt monitor as much as i can on a 1080p, you may have much better results tuning it for 4k, of course .

Please, share your impressions, ideas, improvements...

Complete gallery:

Some Examples:

You can download the latest presets here:

Have fun!

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