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Doubled chars on virtual null modem for battle chess

Hello all
I'm trying to connect 2 instances of fs-uae on ubuntu talk to each other.
Actually, I would like them to play battle chess one against the other via null-modem.
The goal is analyzing the protocol, in the idea of creating an UCI adapter in order to be able to play this retro game with modern chess engines or chess GUIs.

So I'm getting an issue. I set UAE1 to "Modem plays blue" and UAE2 to "Modem plays red". But they won't communicate properly, the moves are not sent, and all received text input is doubled: This game allows to type short messages which are sent and displayed on the remote game. If I type for example "hello", the other side will display "hheelloooo".

I tried different solutions,

- with tcpconnect and 2 tcp ports, linked by fifos

- with socat, raw link between 2 virtual serial ports
- with telnet and a tcp port to a single game

In all those configs, if I type any ASCII text, it will get doubled ("hi" > "hhii") while displayed on the receiving game
Not doubled while emitting, only on receiving side.

Did anyone already experienced such doubling ? I suppose it could explain why the moves are not correctly received. (the moves are sent in binary, not ascii)


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