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Originally Posted by diedel View Post

Would that be very difficult to port to FS-UAE the newpixie shader?

It's an updated and optimized version of the crt-mattias shader from the same author:
Hey there!

I also think that 'newpixie' is a very fine shader, i'll have to check it through a bit, if it's multipass implementation is compatible with the options the FS-UAE shader framework offers.

Stay tuned!

Sorry for being such a n00b regarding shaders, but I saw some people mentioning editing settings for the shaders (something about #DEFINE commands) so if someone can give me more details or point me in the direction where I can find this information I would be more than grateful!
Hey there also!

The #defines in general allow some of the exposed or. important parameters to be altered. Maybe less in scaling shaders but definitely with crt shaders, where you are given an easy accessible option to customize the look.

You first need to open the shader file with an editor like Notepad++, then scroll down a bit to find the #defines, change the numerical value they define, save the shader file and run the emulator anew (fs-uae).

For example:

#define curvatureX 0.0
means that the horizontal curvature is neutral or disabled.

Changing the value to something like this:

#define curvatureX 0.04
means, that you will get some curvature!

It's a lot of trial and error here, not all #define statements are to be altered, most are undocumented etc.

If you have some experience with Retroarch shaders, then some shaders and their parameters might be easier to understand though.
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